By the sea

Growing up in Salcombe, meant that from an early age, I was going to have a love of the surrounding coastline and the sea.
I have fond memories of summer holidays in my dads boat either fishing, or exploring the many hidden creeks and beaches.

Fishing was often for mackerel in those long summer weeks of the school holidays, but mainly for bass, a fine fighting fish and tasty to eat as well.
My early forays into bass fishing were hard on the windier days, as I clearly remember the misery of sea sickness, until I finally got my ‘sea legs’

These days, I do not do as much fishing, but with my love of walking, I still find the same pleasure in discovering the many coves and inlets to be found upon the coast path.

With my photographer’s ‘eye’ the many textures and colours to be found are plenty, especially with the variety of plants and flowers that can be found.


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