January in Sidmouth

The day starts off with its usual grey, insipid cloak, this has been the norm for the year so far.
Deciding that the moors would not be a good idea after the recent rains, today’s venue is an early jaunt to Sidmouth.

The closer we get to our destination, the skies show a promise of clearing as sun lit clouds make a most welcome appearance.
Approaching the sea front, the wind is still keen to make its prescence known, but the sight of sun dappled waves lapping the pebbled shore and golden sun rays, reaching like fingers into the sea, is a sight I will never tire of.
Bwater 3

Joined only by dog walkers and those looking for a newspaper to read with their breakfast and coffee, the beach is pretty deserted for now.

Watching the clouds float by, I decide to take a few long exposure shots, the waves on the breakwater, the clouds sailing across the sky….

As the tide ebbs, a chance to walk across the full length of the beach is too good to miss, a chance for the customary stone stacking, and foraging for images….


As usual, time has wings and flies so quickly, the beach fills with like minded folk, seeking to enjoy the rare visit of sunshine.
On winter days such as this, the light is not too harsh, the contrasts of the red rock against a blue sky is such a change from the monochrome cloud and rain we have endured throughout the last few weeks.

With such inspiring landscapes upon my doorstep, it is not hard to see why tourists flock from far and wide during the holiday season, but for me, the true beauty is to see these places in the quieter times, when we have a chance to stand and stare.

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