A place of solitude

We all have a favourite place, a place for contemplation, somewhere that possibly inspires us, or simply somewhere that is a haven from the demands of our ‘want it yesterday’ mindset.

For some, it may be the endless miles of sun kissed sand of a tropical beach, for me, it is the open expanse of Dartmoor, with its ever changing moods, its majestic tors and dramatic skies that offer solace from the mayhem.

While I have always lived within reasonably easy reach of the moor, it is only over the last few years, that I have come to appreciate this natural wonder on my doorstep.

During the summer season, Dartmoor is well populated with tourists, from the summit of many tors, a rainbow of  brightly coloured weatherproof jackets are mere specks in the distance, by some of the fast flowing river attractions, stepping stones are Dartmoor’s obstacle course for children and adults alike.

Yet, there are places to be found, that have yet to be reached by the ever growing tendrils of tourism, one such place was somewhere myself and my fellow Dartmoor / Photo enthusiasts had first explored back in the early spring.

While not far from the well beaten routes, the lack of car parking is key to the virtual anonymity of one of my favorite spots on Dartmoor.

It was hard to believe that in the middle of the holiday season, I was sat quite happily by a fast flowing river, in perfect solitude, watching cotton wool clouds sail across the horizon, with nothing more than a few Dartmoor ponies  and the occasional dog walker for company.

Those that know the moor well, may have a good idea of where I am talking about, from the images above, those that do not know the moor as well, will have a very pleasant surprise, when they stumble upon my place of solitude

Summer steam

Over the last few years, I have attended a number of the annual steam rally events between Devon and Cornwall.

This year, due to the way my weekend work rota fell, I was unble to attend two of my usual events, Powderham vintage rally and Bocconoc steam rally, in Cornwall.

However, this year, I was able to finally visit the Torbay steam Rally, previous attempts had been halted by wet weather.

The day was filled skies of blue, steam engines, vintage cars and motorcycles gleaming with the reflected sun, the owners proudly tending their charges, always happy to give a history of their cherished vintage machines

Each of the various classes of vehicles are given their own show area, each seemingly a mini community, a pool of knowledge,ready to help one another without question.

What is clear, is the sheer amount of hours that have gone into bringing many of these vehicles back to their former glory, a true labour of love, many taking years to complete.

Watching these vehicles in the parade grounds, is to see a part of our engineering history, whether it is a traction engine, classic car or vintage bike, each and every one has a story to tell, each as fascinating as another.

I always try, where possible to send a few of my photos to the event organisers, my way of showing a small token of appreciation for their time in making these wonderful events possible.

Sadly, this years event calendar will be run, machines will be back in the garage for more restoration or storage until the following year, rest assured, I hope to be there in 2019!