Back to basics

As a consumer in the tech market, we have so many choices at our disposal when it comes to buying electronics and such, TV’s with ever sharper screens and thinner profiles, audio that can be streamed throughout the house and closer to home for me, cameras with ever increasing megapixels, 4k video and a plethora of functions that often lay dormant in a sea of sub menus.

Interestingly enough, for all our advanced tech, retro technology has seen a resurgence, in terms of music, vinyl records have become trendy again, and film photography is very popular amongst students and keen amateurs once more.

For a few years now, I have had a wish, that camera manufacturers would produce a camera for people like me, that do not wish to record video.
Yes, Leica cameras are for people like me, but the asking price is just not within my budget….

Then, a couple of days ago, I was asked by a friend, if I would build him his new gaming PC, for a modest fee and a box of camera gear that he thought may be of interest.
No, there was no Leica amongst this box of goodies, a few vintage lenses, that I can happily put onto one of my mirrorless cameras.. and this 5d

The original Canon 5D, now known as the 5d ‘classic’, a camera now in its teens, so to speak but still highly regarded as one of the best DSLR’s ever made.

It has a 12mp sensor, no touch screen, no video capabilty and a maximum ISO of 3200
and 9 focus points but for me, it is perfect!

Paired with a 50mm lens, in 2018 this camera is still very capable and a pleasure to use

The above images are taken with the 5D, I can clearly see why so many photographers still rate this camera even now

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