New year challenges

I am not one for New Years resolutions as such, but try to set certain goals I would like to achieve in each new year.

I have no desire to join a gym, only to give up half way through the year, nor do I wish to go vegan to conform with the masses (I have no issue with veganism , I just enjoy bacon butties far too much!)

Instead, I will be looking to set a number of photographic challenges for myself, one of which will be one I started a couple years ago, one camera, one lens.

As with many hobbies, it is easy to become obsessed with the latest gear, the biggest sensor, or the next new lens, so for a lot of my outings this year, I will be taking just my X100f, a 35mm equivalent fixed lens camera, and documenting my progress through the year.

Instead of buying mew gear, I will spend money on trips to places I have yet to explore, that list is growing week by week.
My work rota works in such a way, that I have a 3 day weekend every three weeks, so the potential is there, it just needs me to be organised

I have been inspired by a number of blogs and videos with other photographers who have set this as their challenge, many have said how it is challenging in the beginning but found the restriction liberating.

I know my temptation will be to sneak my 18mm samyang lens and trusty pro camera into my bag but I really want to do this!

While I mentioned that I have the makings of a list of places to visit, I will always welcome suggestions, but as I do not drive, I am heavily reliant on trains and buses, this in its own way is a great way to explore hidden gems.

4 thoughts on “New year challenges”

  1. I’ve yet to read all of your subsequent posts but hopefully I shall find you well into the groove when I do catch up! I was using the X100t today, it’s a camera that makes my hands itch to use it when its in my bag so I carry it whenever I can. Good luck! Dave


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