First trip – One camera, one lens

Saturday morning, the first of my 3 day weekend and the first of my one camera one lens walks for the next 12 months

My usual routine the evening before a photo walk, is to charge batteries and then decide which lenses / cameras to take, depending on the destination.
That was easy, all batteries charged and bag packed with my camera.

What’s in the bag?

Fuji X100F
Manfrotto Pixi EVO tripod
Hoya PROnd 1000 (10 stopper) filter
A small selection of LEE seven five system graduated filters
Spare batteries
Lens Cloths

Today was just going to be a stroll around Exeter and along the riverside, the early rains had cleared and there was potential for some mist along the River Exe.
Taking the one camera today was easy, I often just decide on this setup for local walks, I think the challenge will be harder when I take trips to Dartmoor, where I like to use wider angle lenses.

My route today, was one I rarely do these days, taking the River walk from Exwick / St. Davids in Exeter.
After the grey skies began to lift to reveal some lovely light, the lack of wind also provided some lovely reflection shots

One of my immediate observations about the single camera, was how content I was with the setup, no questioning myself about using other gear!
If I needed to zoom, I used my feet, often noticing another potential shot as I did so

Since my decision to embark upon this project, I have received a number of very positive comments and encouragement through social media and emails, these are very much appreciated and make me more determined to see the project through.

The photos above are just a small offering from todays walk, I am looking forward to posting a lot more over the coming year

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