One camera, one lens, the first month

The last day of January, the first month of my self imposed 12 month challenge is done.
I may not have got out so much as I would have liked, either through work or other commitments that have demanded my time but I am pleased at least, to have got this project up and running.

Today was one of those mornings with grey clouds fit to burst and a keen biting wind but since I had no chance to get out for a camera walk yesterday, it was today, or wait until my next scheduled day off next week!

Another local jaunt today, as I do not have a full day to go out and explore, but with plenty of frost around, the River Exe will always have potential for some good photo opportunities.
Following a similar route to my previous outing, the grass is covered in a frosty white coating, the river displays a cold stillness, I am seeing potential for several B&W images this morning.


After the first month, it is already evident I am becoming accustomed to my chosen focal length, I am seeing the composition before I even raise the camera to my eye, a very useful tool in the armoury for street photography where a moment can be lost.

I have been asked if I miss using other cameras, the answer thus far is no, they are packed in another bag out of sight, also, the X100F is a camera that you just want to take everywhere.

A few of today’s images, the colour ones using the Fuji CC film simulation, the monochrome use Fuji Acros, with a tweak or two in lightroom.
For those that are interested, I am shooting mainly Jpeg these days, this is a subject for another blog post in the future but Fuji’s Jpeg engine renders some superb images.

February is on the horizon, I have a little break planned later in the month, an opportunity to travel a little further afield and to hopefully get out more frequently.

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