One camera one lens,three months in

It is hard to believe that I am already close to a quarter of the way in to this 12 month challenge, so far 2019 has simply flown by.
With winter slowly conceding centre stage to the start of spring, the promise of warmer days and lighter evenings is something to look forward to.

My recent trip to London was so much fun using the one camera, but in a city environment, the 100f was in its element, one could say it was playing a ‘home’ match, but as I have always enjoyed so many different types of photography, the challenge will really begin as I go to more varied destinations.

As spring approaches, my subject matter would often be close up shots of the new show of flora, using a favourite 50mm vintage, or macro lens to get that soft depth of field, this year I will have to be creative with the 35mm F2 lens, likewise with the various vintage car and steam events I like to photograph, my lens of choice would be a wide angle lens.

Since I have embarked on this project, I have found myself enjoying my photography so much more, finding different compositions, experimenting with techniques but ultimately getting to know this camera as I have known no other that I have owned.

On to today’s outing, I had a spare couple of hours to enjoy walking along the River, taking in the first of this years warmer weather after a week of wind and rain.
Considering the 100f is not considered to be a sports or action camera,  I was happy with the results of the skateboard park, thanks Drew for the chance to take some pics.


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