Photography and me…

I started my journey in photography in much the same way as many others have, a camera with some unused film and the innate inquisitiveness of a teenager, topped with an ever growing love of gadgets.

I would like to have been able to have the talent for art that my elder sister had but I lacked 2 main ingredients, patience and ability, so developed the creativity I enjoyed with computer programming and ray tracing software, where I could render 3d scenes with various light and shadow combinations.

A mixture of work and dabbling with other hobbies, meant I did not get fully into photography until about 10 years ago, where by joining various groups and forums, I have learned so much and found a  number of ways to enjoy my hobby.

I like to shoot in natural light, I rarely use flash, perhaps if I did more portrait work, that would change but this goes back to my fascination with light, especially low light situations, where knowing the camera you are using is a must.
My learning curve here came from visiting National trust buildings, where flash photography is not allowed, so use of natural light with fast aperture lenses is a distinct advantage.

Prime lenses are my favourite type of lens to use, I like the image quality that comes from a single focal length lens, alongside the way they make you think.

Setting challenges and projects for myself is something I have only done fairly recently but is something I intend to carry on doing as long as the ideas continue, those following my ramblings will know I am using just one focal length for my own photography this year, 35mm is a great way to see the world!

When in town, I have begun setting myself timed challenges to get as many different shots as possible and yes, I keep to my self governed limits.


The shots above were a 10 minute challenge, set in Exeter city centre while waiting for a lunch meeting with friends.
Discovering new places is always an enjoyable part of photography, I will look at the popular tourist shots and landmarks for the first day, then try to find my own take on the same shots, then find some new ones of my own.

One of my biggest rules for my own photography, is that there should be no rules, do not be afraid to try something different, shoot for pleasure, not to some pre defined mantra that may not work for your own style.

I very often shoot JPEG only on my personal shoots, either to be able to post on to social media more quickly, or just because I like what the camera produces.

I have recently decided to get away from subscription only editing suites, I am now experimenting more in terms of colour and look of my images, something I had become lazy with, since I had developed a number of preset looks and become stuck in a ritual of habit.

With a wealth of resources on social media channels, inspiration is never far away, so on those days where the weather makes a decision for me, I will watch videos on editing techniques or watch my favourite photographers at work, inspiring me to my next challenge.

3 thoughts on “Photography and me…”

  1. Excellent! I like the time challenge idea.

    I’m glad I bumped into your blog and look forward to many posts.


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