Going light

Since embarking upon my one focal length project this year, my faithful Fuji has been the perfect take anywhere camera, with no lenses to consider packing, my camera bag is considerably lighter than it ever has been, yet I still like to take a selection of filters and a tripod for my planned trips to Dartmoor and the coast, where I like to experiment with long exposures with the skies and water but I am beginning to wonder if I always need to carry the extra gear, just in case.

To elaborate further, I have found myself with just the camera and a spare battery when I am on errands in town, where I have really enjoyed having just the camera and no extras, minimalist photography.

A few shots from today’s foray into town, no contrasty shadows today with the overcast skies but I managed to find a few little gems.



Has this, maybe sown the seed for next years project, going light on all trips, just my chosen camera, no tripod and no extras, other than a spare battery or two?

If I am being honest, I am not sure I could do that for a whole year, I really enjoy all aspects of photography, the tripod and filters are part of what I enjoy about going on my outings, yet, it could be another steep learning curve

I am open to ideas on any future camera projects for next year, feel free to add any thoughts in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Going light”

  1. What not have 12 monthly projects Andy? Or six two-monthly ones? It’s a way of disciplining yourself whilst also keeping things fresh. By way of an example, I have been doing a 365 Challenge since 2017 but set myself an additional project for one month which I called “Instant August” where I short an image a day with an instant camera, some modern and some vintage. Doing that has given me the idea of dusting off my film cameras and I have an idea brewing for a weekly “analogue” challenge in October. Just an idea, keep up the good work, whatever you do will be interesting I’m sure. Regards Dave


    1. Thanks for the feedback Dave, my current project of just using my x100F started in January, so I may well just have a few months of catching up with some of my vintage lenses on my Sony but the six month project could be a good way of going

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  2. I’ve enjoyed looking through your posts on your one camera one lens personal challenge! I’ve been thinking of taking the plunge myself using the XF 35mm f/2 + my X-T2. 95% of the way to pulling the plug on my G.A.S. addiction for a bit. How long did it take to start seeing in 35mm?


    1. Not long at all Earl, it is a focal length I have always had with prime lenses. I just wanted to reduce the gear I felt I needed for my photography.

      Writing the blog has kept me disciplined, the feedback and comments over the last few months has grown, I cannot fail now!

      The 35mm F2 would give you a focal length of 50mm, another of my most used focal lengths.

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  3. I like the two pictures of teh bike in particular.
    Personally, I like to go light as much as possible. A tripod is cumbersome so I only use mine when strictly necessary. I guess it depends on the things you like to shoot, though.


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