Mission accomplished

Twelve months ago today, I had embarked upon my one camera, one lens,one year challenge, I can honestly say that initially I had doubts that I would actually complete it, yet here I am, about to share the final blog of 2019 and for me, one of my best days out of the year.

The last few days had followed a pattern of sporadic rain, and dull, uninspiring skies but today was to be the best of the weather before the new year, so a trip to Dartmoor was the order of the day.

Driving through the southern part of the moor, the skies were bright and cloudless, but as Princetown loomed ever closer, it was hidden under  low cloud and fog, the perfect ingredients for a moody Dartmoor and a visit to the ruins and quarry of Foggintor.

With no wind, an eerie silence was broken only by the sound of walking boot on gravel, an occasional attempt by the late December sun to break through the misty shroud was thwarted, yet ethereally beautiful.

As with all the best days on Dartmoor, the changing light and weather can happen in a second, today was no exception, at one moment, the sun threatens once more to pierce the mist, then once again the mist rolls in a little more, this meteorological tug of war will continue throughout today’s outing, giving some truly breathtaking scenery along the way.

My camera settings fluctuate between moody monochromatic and colour, trying to capture all moods, I have decided to shoot just Jpegs today, I have learned enough this year to know that the ‘F’ will capture the scene the way I want, why spend hours at a computer editing?

At the end of just over six miles, just a few yards away from the car park and I am still taking shots, I know that this has been one of my best outings of the year, I hope my images have done Dartmoor justice.

In terms of a project for 2020, the canvas remains blank, I have some vintage lenses I will look forward to using once more with my Xe2, I have also acquired a Fuji 16mm (24 equiv) F2 lens which is as yet unused.

This blog, which has been a most enjoyable part of the last 12 months will continue to tell the story of my days out, I am very appreciative of the many kind words of encouragement I have received from those that have taken time out of their day to read my musings in 2019.

7 thoughts on “Mission accomplished”

  1. I have very much enjoyed your many outings and the beautiful images you captured at Dartmoor Andy. Congrats on completing your project, and thanks for your inspiration.


  2. Beautiful images all.

    I paused to reflect when I read this sentence:

    I have learned enough this year to know that the ‘F’ will capture the scene the way I want, why spend hours at a computer editing?

    I have never used a camera, including my FujiFilm X-T2, that captures scenes exactly the way I want. Just like many 35mm film photographers of the past, such as Ansel Adams, I need to tweak things in the [digital] darkroom. But unlike film photographers, I also don’t spend hours at a computer editing because it’s all just a click and a slide.

    For many digital photographers, the editing tool offers too much choice, too many possibilities and it is this endless choice with which they struggle.



    1. Khurt, my edited RAW files always tend to be contrasty, I like a little mystery in the shadows, I shot Raw and Jpeg side by side as an experiment and found the jpegs were not far off my preferred ‘look’

      Kevin Mullins, a well known Fuji ambassador speaks of ‘trusting’ the camera, I think I have learned the value of this myself,


  3. Hey there, I just stumbled across your blog searching for “one camera, one lens, one year.” Really great stuff man! I enjoy your moody landscape images, as I am primarily a landscape/outdoor adventure shooter myself. I’m excited to dig through your posts of shooting for a year with the x100f. I am a new x100f user myself, having picked one up used a few months ago for a steal of a price. (everybody’s selling their Fs to upgrade to the V apparently). However, rather than a oc/ol/oy “project, the x100f is and will be literally my only camera for the foreseeable future, so it is great to see how other users of that camera have used it in a variety of situations . Cheers!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Carl, it was a good challenge to try as I have always enjoyed experimenting with gear!

      I have always enjoyed prime lenses, 35 and 50mm being my go to favourites.
      I started to acquire too much gear again over the last couple of years and now use a newly acquired ‘V’ and the Ricoh GR3 which are a super light pairing.

      I look forward to seeing your photos with the F


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