Cold frosty days

As we approach the last week of February, the long winter nights and dark mornings are gradually making way for lighter and hopefully brighter days and after last weekend’s rain filled days, a little sunshine would be more than welcome.

I am at Starcross, just after six fifteen AM, my intention to walk the few miles along the estuary footpath back to Exeter.
It is one of those very cold mornings where the chill nips at the fingertips but as the skies lighten, the blue hour is nearly upon us.

One of my first shots of today is a spur of the moment experiment, hearing a train in the distance, I set my camera up for a long exposure, not just to flatten the water but to hopefully capture the ‘ghosted’ image of the passing train, I will have just one go at this with the light as it is….

A 20 second exposure of the passing train was a spur of the moment idea.

I was more than happy with the resulting image, this would be my ‘photo of the day’.

This time of day may be known as the blue hour, with a camera in hand it feels like just a few minutes, as I take a few more images before moving on.

From the beautiful hues of blue hour to pastel skies as the sun greets the new day, the cold morning leaves traces of mist in the distance.

From here, the road follows alongside the railway track, to Powderham, Turf locks and back along the path to Exeter.
The railway offers a few images in monochrome, as the sun does its best to burn through a cloak of fog on the estuary.

With a mist on the water, inland, the frost on the bracken and grass offer more photo opportunities, until that is, the fog has a second wind and finds its way amongst the trees ahead.

By the time I reach Turf Locks, the sun appears to be winning the day, brighter skies above and a brisk pace mean my hands are thawing and I can shed the fleece I had on under my coat.

The last few favourites from today’s walk, before heading for the home stretch and a reward of a bacon sandwich and a rather large mug of tea.

6 thoughts on “Cold frosty days”

  1. All these photos are so amazing. The monochrome ones are great, with a sense of timelessness, and the colored one are really peaceful, not too vibrant yet colorful.

    The train experiment is a success, I must say. Definitely a beautiful series, thanks for sharing!

    PS: I know gear doesn’t make the photographer, but just of the sake of being curious, do you mind telling me what lenses you used for these photos ?

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    1. Thank you Pierre for your kind words, capturing nature is such a pleasure.

      I am using a Fuji X100v, a fixed 35mm equivalent lens, a project I will
      be undertaking for the year, one camera,one lens

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      1. Quite amazing what you managed to create with this simple setup! I myself sometimes think about doing it, but I must confess I have too much gear. But there’s a part of me who would like to have a simpler kit, which I would be able to bring everywhere with me, contrary to my current kit.

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      2. Pierre, I have been there, you may not believe this but this simple set up is actually quite liberating.

        Free from the pressure of what lens to use, shooting with a single lens feeds creativity, makes one look at something from a different perspective, it reignited the fun of photography

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