The new (but old) recruit.

The latest of my bargain retro cameras has finally joined the ranks of my other digital compacts, the Canon G11, Canon S95, Lumix LX3 and Lumix GF2, a warm welcome to the Lumix LX5.

Since I was not able to try it out yesterday afternoon, I ensured the battery was fully charged and packed it into my work rucksack, so I was able to go for a quick photoshoot after work today, in my usual test arena, Exeter city centre.

Being very similar to my LX3, it did not take long to get used to the button layout, just as well, as I was going to be shooting between heavy rain showers, So I was keen to get a few shots under my belt before the next downpour.

One of the reasons shooting with these compact cameras is so much fun, is that nobody is bothered with this innocuous little camera, so I go about my photography unnoticed.

Knowing how good the images from the LX3 were, I was looking forward to seeing what the ‘5’ could do, I was not disappointed.

2 thoughts on “The new (but old) recruit.”

  1. It is not easy to compare photos from different cameras, especially when weather conditions, location and subject are different. So one has to be able to see through that, and judge the camera on its pure output.
    The optical image quality of this small LX5 is very good, but the color science is less than the Canon G11 and even the S95.
    I noticed that nr2 with the umbrellas was edited, I did a similar edit once on a photo with a plugin called brushified in Gimp – it looks very nice.


    1. Canon colour science is legendary Marc, to my mind even above that of Fujifilm cameras, which I have shot with over the years.

      One thing I really like about the ‘5’ is the ability to shoot 1:1 aspect ratio in raw, I enjoy shooting square format as it forces creativity with in camera compositions, rather than cropping in post after the event.

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