A walk with the LX5

As my dalliance with older digital cameras continues apace, today was the turn of my Lumix LX5, for its first ‘proper’ shoot.

A trip to Dartmoor would give the latest recruit a challenge with the changing light but I would not be disappointed.

My enjoyment of shooting in the square format was soon put to the test as the ‘5’ has the ability to shoot 1:1 aspect ratio in RAW, a stroll around the footpath of Venford reservoir gave me plenty of chances to find some early autumn compositions.

Using the square format with the cameras macro mode worked very well, the level of detail was very pleasing to say the least.

When I started shooting with these almost forgotten cameras, I had envisaged the occasional day out with them, however, it would appear that they will find their way into my bag for some time to come as it feels as though I have rediscovered the hobby of photography all over again.

2 thoughts on “A walk with the LX5”

  1. Well Andy, you surprised me with the LX5, you managed to get a beautiful series out of this camera, and the colors, your software will probably have something to do with that đŸ™‚
    Anyway, there are many beautiful ones.
    The square ones with the frame seem to be a little more special.
    Photography, if you really get into it, it’s a great hobby, and also for the mind. The hard part is, when you have a partner and they don’t share that interest, it can also be lonely.
    Have a nice Sunday Andy !

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    1. Marc, the ‘5’ surprised me too, the level of detail in the macro shots are amazing.

      In terms of the well being for the mind, photography has been a therapy from periods of depression I suffered in the past, it got me out of the house and allowed me to focus on my surroundings.

      Although I have been single for some time, I do get your comment about photography being a lonely pastime if a partner does not share that interest, my ex partner loved walking but not the interruptions of my picture taking!

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