Bags, boxes and cameras

It has been a busy few days, my move is complete and a semblance of order is taking shape in my new abode, thankfully the final box is unpacked and consigned to the queue awaiting a journey to the recycling centre.

With my belongings pretty much in place, there will be a little fine tuning as I become more settled but with my photography gear now out of its brief cardboard incarceration, it is time to head out for my weekly jaunt along the riverside and into town.

It has become a familiar habit to reach for my G11 and LX5 cameras of late, it appears that my enjoyment of retro compacts is not about to fade any time soon, such is the enjoyment I am getting from using them.

Today’s jaunt would be brief, believe it or not, I am packing my bags again, or at least one, in preparation for a few days away, a welcome break from a busy summer at work and the tribulations of moving.

The hardest decision I will have to make here, is whether the bigger gear gets packed or if I prefer to travel light, suggestions are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Bags, boxes and cameras”

  1. Hey Andy, as always, another great series of photos, and I think there’s also my suggestion in there at the same time : great photos and the G11 or LX5. When I go on a planned and specific shoot myself, I take my best cameras, Oly E-M1 MKIII and my best lenses – bigger and heavy. When I take a short break for a few days, I go for the Oly E-M5 MKII and a 14-42mm pancacke lens – compact and lightweight.
    Both the G11 and LX5 have zoom capabilities, so there won’t be much you can’t shoot with these cameras.
    Have a great break !

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