What’s in my bag? the retro collection.

Even before the cost of living crisis had become a permanent fixture in our daily phraseology, I began to notice just how much new camera gear was beginning to creep up in price, of course all the latest bells and whistles come at a price but it was my eureka moment and realisation that I neither needed or wanted to continue in the upgrade game any more.

My fifty days at 50mm project was the start of my appreciation for older cameras that I could not have bought brand new, I purchased a canon 5d Mark II with the canon 50mm F1.8 lens and really liked the results I was getting from a 14 year old camera.

Towards the end of this project, I was starting to look at ideas for my next photographic chapter, a few youtube videos later and I was digging out my Lumix LX3 that had been hidden away since its purchase in a charity shop some months back.

I did my usual homework of looking at images on various websites, the images from this little powerhouse were superb and so begin my journey down the retro camera footpath!

It was a box of older camera gear purchased from a friend of a friend for a good price that has made me continue this remarkably fun foray into older camera gear and since it will continue for the foreseeable future, here is a list of my retro collection.

The newest additions to my collection are the Lumix LX100 and the Sony RX100, both of which are finding a space in my somewhat lighter camera bag.

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