Time to change

For as long as I have been shooting with digital cameras, I have used photoshop or lightroom for my editing needs, the familiarity of the workflow and the editing tools make the editing process much easier, however, the seeds of change have come to fruition since the subscription only models with the more popular software names.

While I appreciate that the monthly subscription will work for many, I am a bit of a dinosaur in that I like to pay a one off fee and know I have a perpetual licence.
Yes, support for that particular software may dwindle after a time, but I will more than likely still be using the cameras I had when I bought that version at the time.

It is not just the issue with the subscription that has made me look at alternatives, as a long time Fujifilm camera user, there have been known issues with the way that lightroom sharpens Fuji’s X-Trans files.

Over the last few months, I have trialled a few different alternatives and have found two I really enjoy using.
Alien exposure 4 and Capture 1 Fuji edition.

While I like Alien exposure for its many film simulation presets, I like capture one for its in depth editing of colouring and powerful but intuitive masking tools.
Youtube has provided some superb tuition to make the learning curve less steep, so that today, for the first time I have not edited any photos in Lightroom….


I still have much to learn from both editing suites but I do find myself using capture 1 more and more, as I find it more intuitive, with much more online tutorial content available.

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