Am I over G.A.S ?

By mid December last year, I was two weeks away from completing my one camera project, shooting with my Fuji X100F exclusively for my personal photography.
I was looking forward to rediscovering my vintage lens collection and a newly acquired 16mm F2 Fuji lens to use on my XE-2.

My 100F was given a well earned break during January, but just recently, I am finding once more that it is the sole camera I am choosing to take on my days out.
I really like the 16mm wide angle lens, I also like the ‘character’ of my Helios and pentacon vintage lenses, but I think the key word here is ‘like’, because with the  100F, I WANT to take photos.

My camera bag too, has become more basic, where I may have carried a couple of filters and a small tripod, I am beginning to care less about long exposure photography, after all, how many smokey water shots does one need,besides which, carrying extra gear ‘just in case’ is losing its appeal.

All the above appear to be pointing to the fact that my G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) is finally on the ebb, the final nail in the coffin, just this week, with the announcement of the shiny, new X100V, a camera called by one ambassador for the fuji brand as ‘refined’.

Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that I would love to buy the new model, but a modicum of sense has crept into my thought process and simply asked, ‘Do I NEED it’, the answer is quite simply, no.
Fujifilm got a lot right with the ‘F’, enough to make this once serial camera changer happy to continue shooting with what I have.




2 thoughts on “Am I over G.A.S ?”

  1. I’d say that, like many of us, you are at best in GAS remission 😀. I’ve the X100t and was not tempted by the f but like you saw the v launch and thought – that’s got all the bits I “miss” on the t. However, when I sat and thought about it I realised that the t has worked wonderfully for me all this time and is the only camera I put in my pocket every day so why do I need to upgrade? But never say never and whilst I’m firm in my resolve for now who knows what will happen once they start to appear on the pre-owned market? Keep up the good work, I rarely comment (and should do so more) but enjoy your posts. Regards Dave


    1. Thank you Dave, maybe you are right and that I am in remission but there really is nothing the 100 series cannot do, they make you more creative I think.

      I might be more tempted in the future with the xpro 3 as my xe2 will be a good few years old


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